We teach the Sierra Leone people new modernized farming techniques. Age old - and outdated - farming practices cause low crop yields. The result is many hungry children. In a “change managed” way, we introduce new and “smarter” ways to grow crops, to irrigate and dig wells. Our Foundation shows farmers high impact low cost ways to clean their water sources.


On the drawing boards – Tractor rentals, well digging equipment, irrigation equipment. Hard to believe -but true – Irrigation is not common practice in SL. (Note: Used tractor donations by individuals or companies are tax deductible.)

Mobile Health Care

Zaindriss envisions mobile-based healthcare—with lifesaving services delivered directly to the point of need. When the nearest health care facility is located 45-100 miles away from one’s village, health outcomes are bound to suffer. Zaindriss has identified and recruited field-tested project ready medical resources. Those doctors and nurses, working closely with their colleagues in SL, will help build local capacity and raise the standard of care. We are eager to deploy those talent resources. When that happens, quality of life will surely increase for rural families in SL.

(Donations of used medical equipment and items like first aid supplies always welcome.)


Travel bans during the Ebola crisis meant many students could not attend school. The disease is now eradicated, but many drop outs never returned to school. Our youth advocacy program works to intervene. We support children – providing uniforms and books and supplies. (A great fundraising idea for a US based school or social organization!) Our youth leadership activities include a soccer program. Our outreach targets at-risk youth. Our support services and youth volunteer opportunities - and our partnering with the schools - have shown high impact results.


Zaindriss Foundation welcomes volunteers from all over the world to help in it great causes. Volunteers willing to volunteer with us should reach the office on the following contact: