November 3rd, 2017

*Fund Raising Dinner USA Office

*Theme: "Saving Humanity"

*$40 Per Person at 5456A Annapolis Road, Blandensburg, MD 20710

*For donations and reservation, +1 (240) 486-7631/ +1 (301)-254-2043

November 23rd&24th, 2017

Two days seminar with the disable community.

Theme: "Disability is not inability"


Getting the disable community involved in the activities of the foundation.

*Sensi Hub- 67 Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Freetown ,Sierra Leone, West Africa

November 25th

*Fund Raising Dinner Sierra Leone Office

*Theme: " Saving Humanity"

*Venue: Sensi Hub- 67 Sir Samuel Lewis Road

*For donation and reservation, +23288- 712158/ +23279- 956613

December 31st, 2017- 1st January 1st, 2017

*End of year Inter-village football competition

*Venue- Moyolla-La-Raton Village, Port Loko District, Masimera Chiefdom

February-May, 2018

Field activities - in the provinces - focusing right now on Mayolla

*Clearing of the farmland

*Surveying of the farmland


*Land Harrowing

*Seed Harrowing(planting)

June 8: Zaindriss Foundation Inc. RecognitionAward and Fundraising Lunch

*Place: Noreska Restaurent, St. John Freetown

*Ticket prices: Single: Le 100,000

*Double: Le 150,000

*Theme: Making the Difference

November: Annual Fundraising Dinner