this is our story

Zaindriss Foundation Inc. has two locations—Hyattsville, Maryland U.S.A. and Freetown, Sierra Leone. Speaking to our core values, Zaindriss Foundation seeks to serve our fellow man by improving quality of life for residents in Post-Ebola Sierra Leone.

Your donations help us to provide the basics, things people in more affluent countries take for granted … like literacy across all age groups, life skills training in modern farming, clean water initiatives, health care services, and a wide range of support services. Tractor rentals, classes at our demo farm, a mobile healthcare van, and many other innovations are on their way. Safe drinking water and childhood immunizations are among our top priorities.

Our strategies will intervene on acute poverty and transform many lives. We have long waiting lists for our project-ready programs. Please join us in this noble mission. We need not just your donations, but also your prayers and your support.

Founder Statement

The Founder and visionary of Zaindriss Foundation is a father, an activist who started life in a small village called the Moyolla-Lal-Raton, in the Northern Part of Freetown ,Sierra Leone. He knows all too well the struggles faced by the farming families there. He beat the odds, overtaking tough circumstances to move out of poverty, pursue an education and provide for his family. Grateful for those blessings, he now seeks to give back. Hence, the birth of the Zaindriss Foundation. A man on a mission – Ahmed shares his caring spirit and the Zaindriss mission with everyone he meets. With the steadfast support of his wife, Zainab, and a group of fellow “early believers,” the important work of achieving project funding moves forward. That selfless and tireless group – representing the best and brightest from the helping professions – are working at fever pitch to bring life to Zaindriss foundation. We urge you to wholeheartedly join our cause. Unsafe drinking water, food security issues, and lack of access to basics like healthcare or education require intervention–and right now. Please heed the call … please choose to step in to help.

Mission Statement

Our mission goes to the heart of the human condition. We seek to promote lifesaving interventions and make a difference in the lives of farming families and villagers in Post Ebola Sierra Leone. We seek to be a force for positive change in a place of extreme poverty. We seek to empower people economically—and in sustainable ways that offer practical relevant solutions and promote human dignity. We seek to serve as a role model for human development programs that are: well designed, well implemented and highly accountable.

What We Need

Monetary donations are vital to Zaindriss Foundation program success. We also welcome donations such as:

• Agricultural Tools

• Farming Machinery / Tractors

• Well digging and irrigation equipment

• Clean water equipment

• Solar energy equipment

• School Supplies

• Medical Equipment and Supplies (donations for vaccines)

• Shoes

• Clothing


Help Us Succeed

We teach the Sierra Leone people new modernized farming techniques. Age old - and outdated - farming practices cause low crop yields. The result is many hungry children. In a “change managed” way, we introduce new and “smarter” ways to grow crops, to irrigate and dig wells. Our Foundation shows farmers high impact low cost ways to clean their water sources. New practices not only aid farming, they offer villagers safer drinking water. Such measures go a long way towards preventing water borne diseases—a major issue in Sierra Leone. Why must we endure so many unnecessary illness and deaths each year? We do practice self-help. But we need the right tools and support to really make a difference. You – our valued supporters and caring hearts - can help turn things around.

Founder Ahmed Fofanah