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Sierra Leone joined over 13 African countries on the 28th of September, 2018 to officially launch the Good Deeds Day global movement of doing good in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Thanks and appreciation to all our partners and most especially the Good Deeds Day Headquarters for their support.

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Zaindriss Foundation Human Resource Officer representing us at the 1st Africa Regional Conference organized by the Good Deeds Day in Johannesburg held at the Discovery International Hotel August 5th- 8th, 2018 .

Many thanks to the Good Deeds Day for their invitation, together we all can do good in our society and communities.

Hard working farmers in village of Mayolla celebrate Good Deeds Day.

Tools and tractor rental - thanks to Zaindriss - support these farmers. We believe that caring hearts and hard work make for bountiful crops.

Mr. Bangura, VP of NGO, shares his enthusiasm for Good Deeds Day!

Zaindriss - a talent magnet. Each person a leader - Each performing good deeds - and making ours a better world.

Agricultural Initiative Moves Forward!

After ten long years of waiting and hoping, farmers of Mayolla make use of a loaner tractor to plant their crops. Planting season gets underway!

Zaindriss Team (Sarah, Osman, Amanda, and Liz) oversee project progress. They offer farmers and field workers food, supplies and support. Talks with families assess needs and monitor progress of other ongoing efforts.

Villagers enthusiastically embrace the efficiencies of mechanized farming.

Zaindriss Foundation Inc is pleased to announce launch of a new Agricultural Development Initiative in the Provinces of SL

Zaindriss staff Mr. Osman Turay tours demo farm with village elders and chief

Achieving unity and solid partnering with villagers

Community Liaison Officer and two Agro experts tour farm land to be ploughed this spring, thanks to tractor rentals and technical advice.

Networking and Face to Face Meetings with officials and local farmers – deliver results. Over the past few months, CEO Fofanah and Freetown staff have met with stakeholders in Sierra Leone, including officials at the Ministry of Agriculture. Officials have toured our Demo farm site with local farmers and VP Bangura (See photo above). Following a needs assessment, we secured a tractor loaner vehicle and technical assistance about best crops to plant. Initially, 150 acres will be ploughed. Three varieties of rice will be planted. Our target goal is a crop yield of at least 200 bushels of rice.

Timeline: March/April Ploughing - June: Planting - September: Harvest

We invite supporters to donate towards: Tractor rental; Seeds (200 bushels); Fertilizer (150 bags); Fuel- 10 gallons a day; Farming tools; Farming gears; Storage facility for our seeds; and Daily stipends for workers and food


NOV 2017


TRAVEL TEAM: Left to right: Liesa Buren, Ahmed Fofanah, George Orwell, Becca Sauble, Betty Harrington

Community Health Workers from several villages participated in Train the Trainer activity led by Buren, RN and Sauble, LPN.
(Kudos to Zaindriss Freetown office staff who supported logistics and facilitated event planning.)

CEO Ahmed presents medical supplies to doctors and administrators at Connaught Hospital in Freetown

Far left is CEO Fofanah, and next to him is VP Mustapha Bangura. Dr. Dawo (back and far right) – is a longtime supporter of Zaindriss and is on medical staff at Connaught hospital in Freetown.

Town Hall Held in Makeni where medical supplies were distributed, and where clinics were visited by our nursing team.

Aid was gratefully received at Mayolla
Freetown Staff– the heartbeat of our organization – joined forces with US based staff for a successful travel team visit.

Admin Sarah Caulker and CEO Fofanah

Left to right: Osman Turay (Program Activity Coordinator), Sauble (US staff), Liz Brewah Operations Manager and Finance Manager, Fofanah (CEO) and Sarah Caulker, Program Activity Coordinator

24th November, 2017

Zaindriss Foundation, Inc held a One Day Seminar with the Disable
Community in Sierra Leone at the Sensi Tech Hub 67 Sir Samuel Lewis
Road Aberdeen, Freetown. The purpose of the seminar is to get the disable
community involve in our programs and project. The seminar attracted up to
7 different disable institutions including the National Commission for
Disability as well as individuals living with disability.

On Wednesday 22nd November, 2017,

Zaindriss Foundation, Inc received 2
volunteer nurses, 2 Board members and the CEO and Founder from the United States,

Leisa Buren, RN
Rebekah Sauble, LPN
Dr. Betty Herriington- Board Member
George Orwell- Board Member
Ahmed Fofanah- CEO & Founder

The team came with medical supplies worth over $150,000 dollars, Cloths,
toys, and food items which will be donated in all three of our project
sites and the Canaught Hospital. A Community Health Education will be held
to teach the Nurses in every village how and when the drugs are to be used
and also some basic hygiene practices that can avoid germs and other
Thanks to all those who supported this CAUSE especially the Kings Way
International and all donors, we couldn't have done it without your