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Zaindriss Foundation Inc. President Ahmed Fofanah and Board Member Betty Harrington visited the NGO's new office in Freetown, Sierra Leone. They met with staff and traveled to various sites, learning needs of the people and determining readiness for the programs we all envision. Those readiness levels for capacity building are high. All we need now are the funds to make it all happen!


Making a real difference and documenting it.

I met this ten year old on a rural road in Sierra Leone last week. I asked him if he went to school and he matter-of-factly told me “No I don’t have money to go to school.” Then – almost as an after thought – and in a whisper - he confided in me, “My mom and dad need food.”

Visiting that very poor place, I talked to families who lost people due to HIV Aids and Ebola. I spoke to survivors of family violence. I met kids rescued from the streets. But no other person touched my heart quite like this young child.

You can help me give him and his parents hope. I will trace my journey through a blog, so you can see your “mission of mercy” fulfilled. One year tuition is only $20, with a few dollars extra for backpack and books. -- Ahmed Fofanah, President and Board Member

Our team retraced our steps – traveling along that rural road where we first encountered this child – one of many kids – selling goods to travelers that day. As promised, we located this child and his family. Our effort to help was welcomed by the family. Interventions are underway. We will be working with the school he should be attending – to help enroll him and pay his fees. We will work to help this child’s parents, sharing with them our program vision. As this child’s parents explore and pursue good options, we will chart their success path. We will share with them our ideas about business startups and other income producing activities. We hope to report back on this website both this family’s progress and long term results. What better success story than an economically empowered family better able to care for themselves and participate in a higher quality of life.

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March 2017

Zaindriss Foundation President Ahmed Fofanah visits a village school in the provinces of Sierra Leone.

The Head Teacher describes
classroom conditions as “bleak,” even though students are eager to learn – no matter what.

Desperate need for resources!

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